About me


Mumbai, India -based Mangesh Jagtap belongs to a musical family, where his father Mr. Subhash Jagtap, and brother Mr. Manish Jagtap are great singers with a very supportive mother Mrs. Shailaja Jagtap. His better half Mrs. Shraddha Jagtap too is a well-learned and renowned Singer. At the age of 16, Mangesh was already performing at events and concerts as a keyboard artist, then to pianist, music arranger, and then to Santoor instrumentalist. And the journey continued with thousands of stage shows and Albums as credentials.

Santoor –

The Santoor is an ancient stringed percussion instrument consisting of approx. 100 wire strings that are stretched tightly across a wooden soundboard.  The strings are then struck by small mallets called “hammers”. It’s origins date back over 2000 years and seem to have originated in Persia, where it then spread in all directions. This resulted in different variations of this instrument that can be found today worldwide.

Harpejji –

The harpejji is an electric stringed musical instrument developed in 2007 by American audio engineer Tim Meeks. It can be described as a cross between a piano and a guitar, or as a cross between an accordion and a pedal steel guitar.The playing surface has a layout arranged in ascending whole tones across strings, and ascending semi-tones as the strings travel away from the player with a five octave range from A0 to A5. Harpejjis use an electronic muting system to dampen unfretted strings and minimize the impact of sympathetic vibrations.